What’s up! I’m Bec Sadek

I've been in the network marketing industry for over 10 years and it’s fair to say that I’m obsessed

I’m obsessed with the choices and freedom that this industry provides and I’m obsessed with getting my team and clients results on social media. 

Now don’t get me wrong I spent years on the struggle bus, doing things the “old school” way and using outdated strategies. 

ya know, sending out awkward cold messages to strangers, posting constant product promos, and even going door to door with a freaking Sparkle Bucket asking if people wanted to borrow my products. It was exhausting- often embarrassing, and I definitely hit a plateau. 

Now- it's not in my DNA to sit tight and stay stuck in the hamster wheel. So... I took a Hard Right, and in less than two years... I became a top producer in my company! 

I've since built a team of well over 9,000 by leveraging the power of social media!  and I've mentored numerous other leaders both on my team and in other companies to the top 1%. 

And what's most exciting is that I have created a simple, duplicatable method. This method has helped thousands of other entrepreneurs build Massive Teams opening the doors to exponential growth! 

Showing up on social media as your authentic self is what makes you stand out from the crowds and it’s my passion to help you step into your true self so you can become magnetic online. 

I believe in network marketing and in your ability to reach thousands of people and change lives.

I've helped thousands of leaders... from those just starting out- to those in the top 1% of their company! 

And now I want to help you too.

I want to help you Get in the driver's seat and unlock your true potential.  

I want to help you create duplicatable systems so you don’t burn out and can duplicate on autopilot. 

And most importantly I want to give you permission to be uniquely and awesomely yourself so you can achieve the radical freedom you’re after. 

Together, let’s uplevel the industry and the way network marketers do business online.