Congrats!! You're the BFF personality type which means you're pretty freaking amazing! 

You’re open-minded, honest, kind and always ready to listen.

People want you to know that they support you but they aren’t always ready to pull out their credit cards and buy from you.

You might get a lot of responses to your business posts like this… “I’m so excited for you!” or “you look so pretty. Good luck”. 

I know that this can be frustrating and you're ready to break through and make some sales already! 

But not to worry because there's a strategy JUST for you that will help you to build your influence and escape the dreaded  "friend zone".

I promised I would give it to you straight so here it is...

People aren't buying from you because they don't fully trust that you are the person who can help them solve their problem.....YET. 

Building influence on social media comes down to one simple thing: TRANSFORMATION.

People buy your transformation. 

So in order for people to trust that you're the guide they've been searching for. They need to first see the proof. The proof of change and transformation. 

You're a power house, my friend and once you build your influence and authority people are going to run to you with credit card in hand, BEGGING to work with you. 

The good news is that knowing you're the BFF makes this easy peasy. 

Because now you can use this knowledge as leverage!