8 Steps to Network Marketing Mastery

Network marketers aren’t infallible. I often see them make mistakes as they bring their business on social media.

The first thing I often see is that people will come onto social media to promote their businesses. They’ll treat Facebook, or Instagram, or TikTok as if it’s Amazon. They treat their social media pages like a storefront where they can show up and post pictures and links to their products and think that alone will make sales. 


When network marketers do this, they are leading as if their brand is their network marketing company, as if their brand is the product that they sell.

Truth be told, YOU are your brand. Your brand is your story. Your brand is your journey.

When people hear the term “brand yourself,” they get really confused.

To put an end to the confusion, let’s put it really simple for you today. Your brand is YOUR story. It’s the journey that you’re on. That is how you really build and create influence on social media.  Consequently, your MLM is not your brand. It’s one of the things that you offer.

Yes, your brand is your story…


People buy from people. They do not buy from companies, they buy from people, they buy because of stories.

For this reason, influencer marketing is such a big deal right now. You’ve likely bought something because an influencer was marketing it right? so it’s the same thing only this time you’re the influencer.

How influencer marketing works is a no-brainer. When somebody resonates with you, your mission, and your story, they will buy whatever it is that you’re selling.


Succeeding in the network marketing industry necessitates mastering MLM mastery. Here’s a simple 8-step roadmap to MLM mastery on social media.


The first thing you need to do in order to really bring your brand online is to understand who you serve, and know what your niche is.

The idea of niching down lets people know and feel that you are talking directly to them. You want them to feel so connected to you that they’re like, “This is the person who can help me with this problem that I’ve been having for six months or five years. Finally, somebody gets me!”

Simply put, niching down is figuring out what is it that you are an expert in, what is it that you want to be known for. Know who you’re talking to, understand intimately what their pains and desires are. Understand intimately how they speak and what they will connect with.

That is the foundation to everything when it comes to building a business online.


The next step in this MLM master roadmap is setting up your social media profiles so that they reflect your niche—so that they reflect your brand, your story, and your journey. Everything should be yours, and NOT your company’s.
This means,no links to your company website.

Phrasing such as “I work for X company”  or “I represent this company” is a BIG NO.

You want to set up your social media profiles to reflect what it is that you want to be known for, how it is that you help people.

That way, when people land on your Facebook or Instagram profile, immediately, out of the gate, people know exactly how it is that you can help them.


Facebook group domination may sound a bit intense but it is essential if you want to succeed in this industry.

I did a whole podcast on Facebook groups because in my opinion, they are the number one thing for network marketers right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re using YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Clubhouse, you need to have a hub where you can nurture and convert your ideal prospects into buyers.

And that hub is a Facebook group…

The whole point of a Facebook group is for you to have a community where you can direct people from different social media platform. Your Facebook group is where you nurture and convert your ideal prospects into paying customers.

The other thing I love about Facebook groups for network marketing is that they are highly duplicatable. We know that most network marketers are not going to do the hard work, they’re not you. They’re not going to show up and listen to podcasts and sign up for courses and learn all the things that they need to learn to be highly successful.

They are also not going to go and create their own Facebook group and stay totally consistent with it, right? Most people create Facebook groups, and after a couple of weeks, when it feels like they’re not getting traction, they stop. They stop for a month or two, and then they’re like, “Ah, I think I’m going to start that Facebook group thing again.”

You want to create an environment where your team can plug into your Facebook group. So that you’re not training and coaching every single person who joins your team to go and create their own hub to nurture and convert their ideal prospects. Because most people might not do it at all, and the ones who do, likely won’t be consistent with it.

So when you bring that team energy to a Facebook group, and all people have to do is learn how to tag people in relevant content and add people to a group and learn how to do good follow-up, you have created an environment where people can win without having to be the creators.

So step number 3 of MLM mastery is really learning how to set up Facebook groups for team duplication. 


No matter what platform it is that you’re using, you need to know how to create content that connects with your ideal prospect. This is one of the most important pillars of attraction marketing—understanding how to create content that connects.

Content that connects is content that speaks to that ideal customer’s pains, desires, and their dreams. When you resonate with your audience, they’re nodding along with you as you speak, and they’re connecting with every post you make, you have people that are leaning in.

So rather than unfollowing you because you’re posting about that MLM again, or not commenting on anything because it’s another post about your product or another post about joining your team, you’re creating magnetic content that speaks directly to the solution that they’re looking for.

When you are able to create magnetic content, you’re able to draw people in so that you can have those important conversations. By doing so, you can get more people inside of your Facebook group to turn them from interested to sold.


The next step learning how to do a really good workshop. We run workshops on my team inside of our private group, because that’s where our ideal prospects are. We’ve built curated audience of ideal prospects.

Once a week, we run workshops, which are basically in-depth conversations with prospects about their WHYs.

…WHY this is the right solution for them
…WHY they should join your team
…WHY they should try your product, and
…WHY this is what they’ve been looking for.

These workshops are very benefits-driven. They are not like a typical opportunity presentation that you’ve probably seen in the MLM world. I’ve done hundreds of opportunity presentations over my 10 years in network marketing, and people are numbed out to them.

That’s not what people are looking for. There are thousands of opportunity presentations out there and you’ll just blend in if you don’t run benefits-driven workshops.

You want to speak about the BENEFITS of working with you and your company, and what it means to use your product.

Our workshops are usually around 30 to 45 minutes. The reason we do them in a private group is because most people that have not already raised their hand and said, “This looks interesting to me!” are not going to sit down and watch a 45-minute presentation, right?

You want to reserve something like that for people that have raised their hand and said, “I’m interested!” They’ve already told you that they’re willing to invest some time into learning more about this by saying, “I’m interested in coming into your private group.”

Once-a-week workshops that turn your prospects from interested to sold inside a private group is, probably the number one reason why my team’s private groups enroll thousands of prospects every 60 to 90 days.


It’s great if you’re doing magnetic content. It’s great if you have a Facebook group. All those things are important, but eventually everyone gets to the point where they run out of people talk to.

The #1 complaint I hear in network marketing is, “I’ve run out of people to talk to. I need more leads…”

So continuously growing your audience so that there are fresh eyes on your posts, so there are fresh faces coming into your group, is the secret to consistently enrolling new people into your business.

There’s a couple of different ways to grow your audience. You can do it through paid advertising, which I absolutely do use in my business. However, paid advertising is not super duplicatable for the masses. Most people who join network marketing are not going to want to spend money on ads to grow their audience. Now, some people will, but most people won’t.

What I found on my team is that when you can give people strategies to grow their audience without paid ads, they are going to do it. When you provide them with free ways to grow their audience, there’s organic growth.

They’re going to stick around an get things done. They’re going to get more eyes on what it is that they sell. They’re going to get more eyes on their offer. Therefore, learning how to consistently and strategically grow your audience so that you never run out of people to talk to is the 6th most important thing that you need to accomplish to achieve MLM mastery.

7. Closing and Sales

So if you did all of the work that we’ve talked about, and you have tons of prospects joining your private group, and people are coming to you because of your magnetic content and your social media profiles are set up correctly, what’s next?

You need to know how to CLOSE, do a good FOLLOW-UP, and SELL.

If you can’t do these three, you’re never going to enroll anyone. So really understanding the psychology of sales, especially on social media, is important.

Knowing how to move people from Messenger conversations to a Zoom call or a phone call is VERY important if you want to master the MLM sales process.

8. Team Duplication

And then last but not least, is team duplication. You need to make sure that all of the processes that you have in place lead to a winning team.

It’s great if you are a rock star…

You are probably a rock star if you’re read this far because rock stars go out and they learn new things. Rock stars are committed to their own personal development. They’re committed to getting better. Every. Single. Day.

You can also catch this entire post on my podcast.

However, not everyone that you enroll on your team is going to be a rock star, and that’s okay, they still matter. That’s why you’ve got to set up systems for your team to duplicate. That’s why it’s so important to do things like organic audience growth versus paid audience growth. That’s why it’s so important to set up a Facebook group that can be the hub for your entire team’s prospects, not just your own prospects.

That’s why it’s so important to have a membership group for your team where you have a getting started process, where maybe you do weekly group trainings so that people have a place to plug into, get started, and get results quickly.

In summary

So those are the eight steps to MLM mastery. I want you to ask yourself, are you clear on all eight of these steps, right? Do you feel like you have mastered all eight of these steps? If not, how can you go on to master them so that you can personally explode your network marketing business before 2021 ends? How do you go and teach your team to do the same thing?

I’m super pumped up because I just opened up the doors to my Digital CEO Mastermind. We actually just finished our first round, and the testimonials that are coming in are amazing. I’m actually really excited to have one of my students on one of my upcoming podcasts to share some of their results.

 This is perfect for you if you want to thoroughly learn the 8 steps to MLM mastery, if you want to show up on social media like a badass to attract your ideal prospects.

Whether you are already a six-figure earner, and even if you have a small team, this is your roadmap to MLM mastery. So I’m going to go ahead and do is I’m going to put a link here so you can apply and book a strategy call to see if the digital CEO mastermind is the right fit for you. I’m excited to learn more about you and your business and witness you explode before the year ends!

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