How to Build a Positive Team Culture in Network Marketing

Today we’re going to be talking about team culture in the network marketing industry and how to make sure that you build a positive environment. You can catch the entire episode right here.

I’m excited to dive into this topic today because this is something that I am becoming more and more passionate about, the longer that I’m in this industry.

One can say the only reason you’ll be interested in team culture is because you’re in the industry for a while. Let’s just think about it… culture develops over time so if you’re not around for more than a year in this industry you may not understand what I mean.

Let me give you an example from the old corporate world. When you first started a job you probably entered an organization that had been around for a while, maybe 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. A culture had been developed in that organization either naturally or designed. You probably knew right away if you “fit” into the culture or not, and also whether you’d want to stick around.

Well the same concept holds true for network marketing teams. It really doesn’t matter what company you belong to it’s all about the culture.

I’ve been hearing about this “culture” thing from many prospects and clients and it’s called MLM PTSD. I don’t know if you have heard that one before but I hear it all the time.

You generally hear it from people who are either currently in or they are transitioning out of a toxic team environment.

What makes me very passionate about talking about this topic is that we have to change this notion of MLM PTSD. I truly believe that if we want this industry to continue to grow we have to make sure as network marketers that not only are we creating a positive environment for our teams, a real authentic environment for our teams, but also that we’re elevating the entire industry.

One of the things that gives the network marketing industry a bad name is some of the toxic team culture that exist. Let’s just be real with each other it’s not all rainbows and sunshine in every network marketing team. To be honest I’ve seen it take entire teams down before because it can be poison to an organization.

So first of all, if you are currently in a toxic team culture, I want you to know that you have the ability to change that. Don’t play the blame game. I’ll often hear from people say, “It’s not me, it’s my upline!”

Here’s the deal – one of the great things about this industry is that each and every one of us has the ability to build our business, however, we want to build it. So if you are involved in team training, or a Facebook group or events with somebody or a group of people that are building differently than you’d like to build or with people that are toxic, when it comes to how they treat people, you have the right to break away.

Leaders see something that they don’t like in other leadership, and they change it. So go and be a leader!

That’s what I see in leaders is they don’t get stuck on the “I wish I had a different upline” or “I wish I had a different sideline” or “I wish that this community was different.”

They decide that they are going to change it for the better. So bottom line – wherever you are at right now, in your business, if you’re somebody who is currently stuck in this place of toxicity, you have the ability to change it.

Now there are a few quick and easy ways to start building a healthy team culture and I’m breaking them down here for you quickly.

Step 1

Step 1 – Remove Classism from your team. What do I mean by classism?

I recently got back from an awesome trip to Mexico. I was in Cabo for 10 days on an incentive trip with my company. And I had over 60 people from my team join me on that trip.

It was an epic, epic moment for me to see how far our team had come in the past few years.

One of the things that I kept hearing over and over again, (as I was meeting people for the first time, because let’s get real we’ve been “meeting” people on zoom over the past year or two,) is

“I can’t believe how accessible the top leaders are!”

You have to treat everyone with respect, no matter how many people that they are enrolling no matter what rank they’re at. No-one likes to feel like they are not important because they aren’t at the top of the company yet. So don’t make people feel that way.

And if you’re somebody who’s currently feeling that way, remember, you have the ability to change the culture and your circumstances by not building a team that operates that way.

Step 2:

Number two – don’t treat people like a number or a means to an end.

Everyone knows that in this industry for you to win in this business model, you need to help other people win. So what that means is that you have to empower and inspire people to get down to work.

But you can’t do it from a place of telling them to hustle harder.

You have to do it from a place of service. When somebody enrolls in your business, it is your responsibility to work with them and train them, to help them get to the place that they want to be.

Your team members are not your employees.

Now, that being said, when somebody joins your business, it is also their responsibility to communicate with you about what they need to be successful. So it does go both ways.

But you want to be very careful to not treat people like a number or a means to an end when they join you because then will not be motivated to do anything and soon quit, taking with them the notion that network marketing is bad and that people only use you for their own good. So don’t treat people like a ladder on a rung.

Step 3:

Number three is elevate your team when they are winning, instead of elevating yourself.

Recognition is a big thing in the network marketing industry. Everyone loves to be recognized. Just look around at kids, they are always looking for acknowledgement and recognition of what they do.

Most people love it, few people hate the spotlight, but most people like to be recognized. This is an industry that actually attracts people that thrive on recognition.

So if that’s you, it’s so important to check your ego at the door. Remember you’re the leader!

Okay, give credit where credit is due. Thank your team, because you wouldn’t be where you are without them. Make sure that you are consistently showing gratitude that you are consistently elevating them and that you are consistently checking your own ego at the door.

Step 4:

Number four, don’t do hustle culture. The hustle culture burns people out. I’ve seen for so many years, people in the network marketing industry saying things like hustle harder, hustle your face off. And hustle culture burns people out. It also makes them feel like their business is not sustainable because they get that idea that if they don’t hustle they’ll never have a business.

So if you’re somebody that has high attrition in your business, take a look at how you’re communicating the work that has to be done in your business.

What I love to do is to teach my people how to work in 30 minute increments a day of solid work, this creates a solid daily method of operation. This way they know exactly what they need to do versus feeling like they have to be attached to their phones “hustling” 24/7.

When I look back at my earlier days in network marketing, I have memories of hiding in closets to send text messages while my kids needed me. That is not necessary.

When I look back to some of my earlier days in network marketing, there are some life events that I missed because I was hustling so hard. True it was back when I was building in person. Now I do 99% of my business using social media. But the fact still remains I missed important life events because I was hustling so hard, nothing is worth that.

So make sure that you create a culture where people work smart, not just hard. So create a culture where people have their priorities in check. But they also understand that this isn’t a get rich quick thing and that they’re not going to make money if they don’t consistently do their work.

Hope you enjoyed these four tips, four steps to creating a positive team culture. Part of elevating the network marketing industry is all of us coming together to create a culture and environment that is positive and uplifting to be a part of.

Part of creating the great culture is attracting the right people. To learn more about attraction marketing take my 3 day No B.S Attraction Marketing Challenge here.

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