How to Setup Your Social Media Storefront for Success

How important are your social media profiles? 

Your social media profiles are your business’s storefront. Your social media profiles are the first things people see when they find you on social media. 

But why are social media profiles essential to your business’ success?

Let’s take this simple example….

Suppose you’re trying a restaurant for the first time, but when you get there, it’s unclear what that restaurant serves. Do they specialize in Chinese or Mexican cuisine? Maybe there are pictures of food on the front, and you’re like, “I don’t even know what these are.” 

Or maybe it’s totally empty, and it looks like nobody’s been there for years. It looks run down. So you’re probably going to turn around and walk away.

The same thing goes for your social media profiles. Your profiles are what makes a good first impression on people.

Hence, you’d want to set up your profiles in such a way that attracts people when they find you on social media. Your social media profiles should make people STOP and hit that FOLLOW button. 

By setting up your social media profiles or your storefront the right way, people will want to know more about what it is you do and how you can help them. 

Your Social Media Profile as a Storefront

So I want you to ask yourself, “What is your social media profile telling people?”

Remember that your social media profile is your most prime real estate. People normally look at the information in your profile before they scroll down and look at your content. They want to know who you are first before they look at what you do.

The problem is, you might not be giving this part enough attention. To guide you, below are the essential parts of a good social media profile.

Let’s start with the easy fix…

Your Profile Picture

You want a social media profile that you would like people to cling to. You want them to connect. So what’s the first thing that they see? It’s your profile picture. And this is the easiest fix that I see so many people get wrong. 

Your profile picture must be a clear picture of you.

Remove family photos and pictures of dogs, cats, or any pet from your profile picture.

Yes, your kids are adorable, The picture of you and your husband is cute, but people want to know who they’re connecting with immediately.

It’s your first impression.

When I go to somebody’s profile and am confused about who they are, I instantly turn around. I also assume that they probably don’t take their business very seriously or are not even in business!

Remember that if you’re using social media for business now you need to think that every touch point is possible business connection.

So that profile picture needs to be a clear picture of you—full face. We need to see your eyes, your nose, and your chin. You could hide your ears under your hair. 

Your Name and Title

The second thing that people see on your social profile is what is directly written under your profile picture.

And that should be your name.

So if you’ve got some weird thing written there, change it, NOW!

If you’ve got your company name there, change it, NOW!.

Remember that you’re building your own brand here, and people connect with people, not companies or products.

So that the first thing they’re going to see after your profile picture is your name and then likely a title of some kind. Your title should be something people will be interested in and search for.

For example, on Instagram, my title is Network Marketing Coach.

So if somebody is searching Instagram for a network marketing coach, my profile would pop up, thanks to the platform’s SEO.

So you want what’s next to your name to be searchable, that explains clearly what it is that you do. If you use something obscure, people aren’t going to be searching for it. So it might be something cool that you made up, but people aren’t searching for that. 

Now Facebook is a little bit different.

On Facebook, it’s going to be your profile picture and then right under it as your name and then under that is your “I help” statement. This statement is what tells people how it is that you help them. Now as I shared in a recent post it could also be your Journey Statement. So this part of your profile is not about you.

Nobody cares that you take long walks on the beach.

That’s cool if you do, but nobody cares.

They want to know what’s in it for them. That’s what’s going to make people connect.

On my Facebook profile (@becsadek), my statement goes: “I help digital network marketers scale to 10K plus per month while drinking tequila.” With that statement, I tell people exactly what I do, but I also keep it light and fun because that’s my personality. 

Let’s say you don’t feel like an expert in anything yet. You could make a journey statement instead. And your journey statement could be something as simple as, “On a journey towards financial freedom. Come along for the ride.” So you’re letting people know how it is that you’re changing your own life if you don’t feel like you’re that expert yet. 

Now, remember that every piece of content you post in your feed has to be congruent with your actual profile. So if you’re helping people on a journey towards financial freedom and your entire profile is about how you throw money in the trash can, people probably aren’t going to connect with you. Now again, you can say, “I show” or “I teach” if that feels more aligned with how you speak. 

The Link to Your Brand’s FB Group

Your Facebook and Instagram profiles should have a link to your personal brand’s FB group. The link should be under your “I help” statement on Facebook. On Instagram, it should be under your title. 

Remember, the link you put there should not send people directly to your network marketing shopping site. Why? When was the last time you posted a link to your network marketing shopping site, and somebody actually bought something without talking to you? 

It doesn’t happen. Maybe 0.001% of the time that happens, but it doesn’t usually happen. 

But you do want to have a link there because you do want to capture people’s information. This is where you’re going to take them off of social media and start building a more in-depth relationship with them. That’s the beauty of that link. You want to send them to something more personal.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to create your own personal brand group on Facebook, make sure that you dive in and grab the Team Builder Blueprint . This resource will teach you how to build your own Facebook group that is around your specific niche and how you specifically help people.

Your personal brand group can serve as an evaluation tool for you where people are able to get to know you better and get to know the solutions you offer better.

The other great thing about linking to a personal brand Facebook group is that Facebook groups allow you to ask entry questions. So you can ask people for their email addresses before they come into your group, and you can start building your list that way. You can also use a simple quiz or an assessment. These are super easy to create using Google forms.

On my Instagram Reels, I did a quick tutorial on how to utilize Google Forms. Check it out below.

It’s short, but it gives you a quick idea of how to create a Google form that’s niche-specific for your Instagram profile.

Network marketing companies use quizzes that link back to them and allow you to collect leads that way. So if you’re in a network marketing company that gives you a quiz that allows you to easily collect leads, absolutely use that. 

Remember that you want to have a call to action above the link, so people know what they’re clicking on.

So if you go and check out my Instagram profile, it says “get the blueprint” with a little emoji pointing down.

I have mine linked to a Linktree, which is something you can do if you have a few different links that you want to connect people to. So I have links to my podcasts, a quiz, and my Facebook groups all in one place. 

None of the links connects my audience to my company’s website.

That is where you lose people. Your purpose is to capture people’s information. You want to take them off of social media and start building a list. So you can start building that relationship with them. 

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