How to use Systems and Duplication for Network Marketing Success

I’ve heard it said many times and even in my own organization this holds true; if you want to build a team and really hit those top top ranks, then it is absolutely essential that you have systems and duplication in place for your team. That’s what this episode of the Digital CEO is all about.

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There’s a saying in this industry that I’ve paraphrase here …

You can be good in network marketing, if YOU are a Rockstar, but you can be exceptional in network marketing if you build Rockstars!

In network marketing we have two types of people, those who are just there to make a little extra money from product sales; and then there are those who want to build the residual income.

Residual income does not come from product sales alone, it comes from team building and SOLID team building at that.

Like any organization if you want to grow you have to be able to duplicate a system. So let’s talk a little bit about systems before we get into what you need to duplicate.

What’s a system in the network marketing industry?

A system in network marketing isn’t some complicated, well designed or pretty. It is effectively a process that your new team members will follow to start getting results.

Think of it like the orientation sessions you probably went through for college or a new job.

Every company has an orientation day or week. You sit through these trainings to help you navigate your new job at the office. Well the same should be true for your team.

They should know exactly what they need to do to get into action and start getting results.

Now if you’ve been in network marketing for as long as I’ve been you would hear some people tell their new team members to make the good old list of 100 people and start contacting them.

News FLASH that’s not a system. Maybe a strategy but definitely NOT a system.

Your list of 100 is going to be very different to my list and the results are going to be different. A system is something that when duplicated will get the same or very close to the same results.

So here’s what my very simple system looked like for years and what we still use to this day.

Step 1

Provide your new team members with a strategy to get leads right out of the gate.

If you can help somebody get leads right out of the gate in their business, they’re going to be so much more confident about continuing to work.

They are actually going to work harder for themselves and for the team if they start seeing results.

My process that I’ve taught is how to get leads on social media using attraction marketing or raising curiosity. This is NOT about just giving out a posting plan!

It’s about teaching the types of posts that your team members should be posting to get people reaching out to them. Check out this episode just around minute 5:15 to get some examples of what to post. Basically this step is about teaching your team members how to raise intrigue and curiosity.

Step 2

This step is a must! You’ve probably heard it called a prospecting group or ATM Group from other leaders. Effectively this is your hub for results, stories, testimonials, frequently asked questions, presentations.

If your team is going to need this information you want to put it in this hub.

When someone says they are interested, instead of jumping on a call you can point them to the group! New team members can add interested people to your information hub, which is your private Facebook group.

And that’s where they can get the details along with all the other excitement around the company, product or service!

Step 3

In this step you want to organize trainings into guides. Remember orientation day.

Well your team is going to need one as well.

When someone new joins your team you want downline team member to be able to plug them into the training system.

It’s a plug and play resource for those new people joining their team, they don’t have to go and recreate what you taught them.

It’s all inside of that team group, neatly organized into step by step guides so that people can plug and play and know exactly what to do first, second, and third when they join your team.

Step 4

And now the final step is one that most people leave out. This is where you really show your leadership. I’ve always said that it’s the simple things that people fail to do.

Step four is hosting a weekly training call. On this call you reinforce the process and the training taught inside the guides.

This gives team members to ask any questions and get more in depth training as add-ons to the guides.

This simple four step process that will set people up for success in their network marketing career is what we call a duplication system. It’s all done on social media, inside of private groups, which allows it to be highly duplicatable, because people can plug and play their new people into what you’ve already created.

And here’s the neat part, once your team members become rock stars what do you think they’re going to do? Duplicate your system and start putting people into their own group! That’s when the magic for your rock stars begin.

So don’t leave your team members out to dry. Present them with this system.

If you need help or have any questions join me inside my private Facebook community, the MLM leadership Lab and you can also you guys my direct message on Instagram

Let me know in the comments below when you’re going to start implementing your duplication system.

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