My Personal Product Testimonial of Amare Global

Amare Global Edge, does it really work for weight loss?

I don’t usually do blog post about products but Amare Global Edge was a product that needed special mention.

I have to share with you my personal product experience with Amare Global Edge after only being on this product for two and a half weeks.

It’s not always the case that you get to be selected to be in a test group for any product. But this was one amazing product and I’m humbled and honored that I was selected, me and 49 other people tested this product before it came to market.

Within one week, I was able to see my unbelievable weight loss results, both inches and weight loss.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but for me, as somebody who suffers with hypothyroidism, weight loss has always been a struggle for me.

So even though I consider myself a clean and healthy eater, most days of the week and I’m pretty active, working out at least 3 to 5 days a week, taking that extra weight off has always been well let’s just say, difficult.

So this product has three main ingredients in it:

  • Lychee Fruit
  • Mango Leaf
  • Palm Fruit

The lychee fruit specifically helps with weight loss. But a side effect to it is having a far more intensive workout and greater motivation to go actually get my workouts done!

The motivation in this product comes from the mango leaf. Imagine taking no caffeine, no sugar, just pure motivation and energy to face your day!

I know what you’re saying! No caffeine and you’re ready to go! Yes!

The third result I’ve seen from this amazing product that I absolutely love is this pure feeling of joy.

It is euphoric when you drink it, it boosts your mood and it just makes you happy to the point where I’ve been calling it, my happy juice.

And the ingredient that boosts mood is palm fruit.

So why I am sharing this with you?

Because you know my journey, you’ve seen my struggles and when I can share results after just 1 week of using a product combined with my workouts and healthy eating habits, this is a MUST share.

Get your hands on this product, especially if you’re somebody that struggles with:

  • low metabolism
  • low energy to work out
  • low to motivation to get things done,

And if you generally need a mood boost it’s good for that too!

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