I might get some hate for todays episode, but I am unapologetic about calling out B.S when I see it.

At the risk of sounding extremely dramatic 🤣..

I believe that HYPE is taking over and hurting the network marketing industry.

When I got started in network marketing 12 years ago I joined an extremely old company and I was mentored by a couple who had been with that company for over 30 years.

They were retired teachers and I got a front row seat at what long-term residual income can look like. AKA… real wealth. 

I knew very quickly that I was after long-term legacy income. I also knew that this was what made the network marketing industry unique and special.

If I wanted a job that paid me once for the work I do today then I would get one. But I wanted an opportunity that pays me for the work I do today and forever.

After several years of being with a legacy company, I learned a lot, and decided it was time to not join a legacy company, but go and build one.

I vetted that company and made sure that it was SOLID. It wasn’t about joining the next big thing, or false promises, and hype.

I wasn’t paid to to join my new company or even offered a bridge. I joined because, I believed deep inside my core, that this was going to be the next legacy company in network marketing.

So I jumped and I planted my flag somewhere new. 5 years later, my flag is still planted with that same company, and I have built a business that exceeds my wildest dreams in this industry doing well over 7 figures in monthly sales. 

I share all of this with you today, because there is NOTHING wrong with pivoting to a new company when it feels right and aligned for you.

What I see as problematic is leaders who are company hopping every few months or even every 2 years.

It creates consistent false hope and expectations that is shared all over social media every time a new company launches. 

If i’m being honest many of these leaders lack skills to build a REAL business because they are relying on the FOMO and HYPE of launching.  

This type of hype and company hopping is damaging to entire industry that we have worked so hard to legitimize.

But it is also damaging to the leaders who keep jumping and with every move watch their income dwindle.

And most importantly, It is damaging to the little guy, who keeps following these leaders from company to company and never has a shot to build anything real and sustainable.

You can catch the entire episode right here.


I believe we are at a tipping point right now. We’ve spent the last few years watching people hop from new shiny opportunity to new shiny opportunity.

Leaders and their followers have gotten burned and found themselves losing everything. I think the next several years are going to be all about transparency and stability.

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