Posting for Your Personality Type

In Today’s blog, we’re going to be talking about posting on social media as a network marketer for your unique personality type. I’ve been in network marketing for 10 years now and I have been growing exclusively for the most part on social media for the past 4 years. I lead a network marketing team of over 6,000 people.

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What I have learned from coaching hundreds of network marketers to build their business on social media is that there is one main reason why people struggle.


People will look around on social media, and they’ll look at who’s successful, and they’ll mimic that person. They’ll copy that person.

I get this. I’ve done this. The truth is it’s actually normal for us to do these things.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone with another accent and you find yourself starting to “speak” with their accent? And then you end up sounding and looking like a fool! EEEK!

What we don’t always realize is that a successful person’s journey gave the influence he or she currently has.

Furthermore, I realized that people might brand themselves like other people that they see as successful. They think that if they brand themselves on social media the same way as that successful person, they, too, will become successful. For example, everybody wants to brand themselves as a coach, but they don’t necessarily have the experience to back up that branding.

So instead of mimicking, following, or copying others, it’s really important to play into your own unique strengths, talents, and experiences. You also need to play into how the world sees you. That’s something I rarely hear people talk about when it comes to posting on social media.

Yes, consider how the world sees you. We’ve got to take that into account because your audience sees you in a specific way. When you learn how to leverage the way they see you, you will have more success.

So based on my decade-long experience of nurturing network marketing leaders and 4 years of coaching them on social media, I came up with three unique personality types that almost everyone I’ve worked with fits into. Now sometimes, there’s a little bit of overlap and people feel like they’re all three, but for the most part, people fit into one of these 3 personality types: the BFF, the Expert, and the Encourager.

Personality #1: The BFF

The first posting personality that we’re going to talk about today is the BFF.

The BFF is open-minded.

BFFs are honest, kind, and always ready to listen.

People want you to know that they support you, but they aren’t always willing to open up their wallets and pay for your services.

If you’re a BFF, I’m sure you are feeling that deep in your soul right now. You likely get a lot of responses to your social media content that sound like this. “Good luck. So proud of you, girl. You look so pretty!”

You’re like, “Come on, you just completely missed the point.”

How do you break free of that friend zone? That’s what I call the friend zone, where people are always supporting you, but nobody’s pulling out their credit cards to buy from you.

As the BFF, your strategy is to share your journey to increase authority. You need people to begin to trust you and see you as the authority that you are. They likely don’t know what you’ve been through, how you’ve obtained the knowledge you have, why you’re the coach that can help them.

So you’ve got to share your journey with them. You’ve got to show them where you started, where you are now, and everything in between.

Thus, if you’re finding that you’re stuck in that friend zone, you might be jumping over 10 steps and jumping to an expert instead of sharing with people the journey that has allowed you to become an authority in the area that you’re talking about. So share your journey.

You’d also want to show gratitude. You want to inspire people to believe that if you can change your life, that they can, too. The BFF strategy is all about making people feel included and understood. People that are going to work with you as the BFF, they’re not going to work with the Expert.

They want to work with somebody who has walked in their shoes or is walking in it right now. You want to make people feel like they are understood, and you’re the person who can help them.

Personality #2: The Expert

The second personality type is the Expert. The Expert is the go-to on a specific topic or subject.

People often come to you for answers or advice on this specific topic. So just because you’re seen as an expert in this specific topic, doesn’t mean you’re seen as an expert in everything. This is really important for people to understand.

I’ve worked with a lot of experts, who don’t want to be pigeonholed as that thing anymore, so they buck their expert zone of genius and they try and start from scratch. When they do that, they often have to start from the BFF. That’s a personal decision. Do you want to rebuild your influence or do you want to zone in on the area that people already see you as an expert?

You might have a professional title like teacher, doctor, lawyer, health coach, maybe nutritionist, or you might’ve had a life experience that taught you invaluable things and makes you an authority on your expert topic.

Your strategy is to build influence online by staying in your expert lane. The world already sees you as an expert. Use that to your advantage. Leverage that, teach, educate, and answer frequently asked questions.

This is your strategy to continue to grow your influence, make more sales, and gain momentum in your business online.

Personality #3: The Encourager

As the Encourager, you’re naturally influential. You’re inspiring. When you do or try something new, people want to know what it’s about and how they can get involved.

They want to be a part of your inner circle. When you’re excited and you’re lit up about something, you are straight up magnetic.

The Encourager is often not afraid to speak up, to disrupt, to go against the grain, to do things differently than the masses do things. When you share something you love, what you value, or an unpopular opinion, people listen.

Now let’s talk about your strategy.

Be bold and start a movement. Invite others to be a part of that movement. Don’t be afraid to draw your line in the sand and let people know you will be changing the world.

Your story is what sells, not facts.

The Expert sells facts. As an Encourager, your story inspires people.

Now I want you to remember that inspiration doesn’t always equal dollar bills. So make sure you’re inviting people to be a part of your movement. They need to know that there’s a way that they can work directly with you and also work towards this common goal.

They want to be a part of this movement that you’ve created. Make people feel inspired, excited, and motivated to join you in changing the world.

That is your Encourager strategy.

As you read this you may be saying, “I know exactly who I am” But I’m going to make it simple for you. What I want you to do is find out your unique posting personality by taking a very quick quiz that I put together HERE.

Once you found out your posting personality, you can actually go ahead and purchase content prompts and posting strategy for all three personality types for just $17.

This is an excellent resource for you if you feel like all of the content strategies, all of the posting plans, and it doesn’t seem like you’re gaining any traction. Or if you’re posting on social media and you’re not getting the engagement you want, and you know that you’re not being totally authentically true to yourself, and that you’re really looking more so at what other people are doing.

So go ahead, start with the quiz.

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