Practical Instagram Tips For Network Marketers

I was super thrilled to do this episode of my podcast. I decided it was time to reveal some myths around building your business online using Instagram.

You can catch the entire episode right here.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Not another set of tips for Instagram!”

Well that’s because we live in world where everyone is an expert and if you’re on Instagram you’re probably anywhere from one to 20 people who would give you advice on how to build your business online.

I’m here to tell you that some of it may be great advice and some may be plain BAD advice.

Now here’s the reality if we’re brand new to business, Instagram and network marketing  you’re looking for a blueprint. We’re programmed to want blueprints. Let’s think about that for a minute. When you were young in school you followed a syllabus. You didn’t know but your teachers did.

When you got to college they gave you a course outline maybe, or a schedule for the semester to follow. It was your blueprint, your map to knowing how you’re going to be able to get the “A” at the end of the semester.

So it’s no surprise that when you’re building a brand new business in an environment that you’re not too familiar with you’re going to want to follow a blueprint.

So for Instagram you want to know how many times you should be posting, how many reels to create, what hashtags to use etc, So it’s natural when we gravitate towards coaches and experts that give tips that answer those questions.

BUT and yes you knew a BUT was coming; the problem with this is that just because something works  for somebody else, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. The advice may not be bad advice it’s just that the advice isn’t going to work for you.

So let’s get into the Myth’s of Building your Network Marketing business on Instagram.

Myth 1: There’s Only One Way to Build your Network Marketing Business on Instagram.

Obviously, this is simply not true. Just scroll through your feed you will see one person growing their account with all quotes, another person will build using only reels, another with stories. Both are legitimate strategies that worked for the people that are sharing them.

So at the end of the day there is no right or wrong strategy, there is how you as the business owner choose to deliver content and then you analyze the results of your actions. Analyzing the data allows you to test different strategies and help you to figure out what works best for you.

The only way to do that is to test things. I want to challenge you  instead of listening to everyone else, what I want you to do is test different types of content.

Now if you don’t know what type of content to test I’ve got a solution for you. Check out my three day no BS attraction marketing challenge where I go into content creation on Instagram.

So moving onto the second myth I’ve been hearing about building your business on Instagram.

Myth 2: Reels are the only way to build your following and you have to dance!

So not true. Number one, you don’t have to use reels to grow your Instagram account or to connect with your current followers. If reels are not your jam, then don’t do them, remember Myth #1.

Now if you’re going to do reels then I would suggest experimenting with different ways to do them.

Yes it is true that right now reels are the one piece of content on Instagram that are getting crazy views! But that does not mean you have to do them.

Do some research and see what’s working for other creators in your niche and see how you can recreate these in your own authentic way.

Are reels a viable way to grow your business right now? Of course! Is it the way? Heck No! So as I said earlier – TEST.

Myth 3: You need 10,000 followers to make sales.

Now if this were true do you think that someone with 500,000 followers would hire a successful coach to help them generate sales?

This is exactly what I heard when listening to a recent podcast.

Most of her clients have over 500,000 followers and they have ZERO sales!

Here’s the reality of your business on Instagram – You need to know how to leverage your followers to buy.

So you can have 800 or 10,000 or 500,000 the point is if you don’t know how to leverage those followers than it’s just as good as you having no followers.

What you need to do is focus on building relationships, connecting with the people that are following you, and delivering good, valuable content that is niche specific.

If you focus on this rather than vanity metrics of number of followers, likes and hearts you’re more likely to get sales.

Myth 4: You need a Beautiful Instagram Feed.

Four years ago this was a HUGE deal. Every influencer on Instagram a few years ago had a perfectly laid out feed. So if you were not one to have that design edge you just didn’t cut it.

But when you think about it did that even make sense? Are you selling colors and pretty images or value?

Now I’m not saying that others didn’t build their following this way but if you look at my feed, it’s not perfect.

True it is helpful to have a basic color scheme that you stick to so that your feed is visually appealing but focus on what’s important.

I’m more concerned with the value I’m putting out. So again if you’re looking for those ideas on the type of content join my Attraction Marketing Challenge today.

You need to make sure what you’re doing is bringing you followers and sales.

The value that you add in your account is WAY more important than the way you’re feed looks.

So focus on the things that actually matter. Don’t spend hours, trying to get the perfect look and feel when you should be focusing on delivering valuable content.

Myth 5: You must Post Daily and Multiple times a day

The last myth that I want to bust today is that you need to post daily or multiple times a day in order to make sales on Instagram.


Ok it’s not that it’s a lie but it’s NOT necessary to make sales on Instagram.

Most network marketers don’t have someone that they can outsource their nice image creation so that they can get 3 to 5 posts a day on Instagram. The average person is likely going to be overwhelmed by this. So I would suggest focusing on one good post about four to five days a week.

Instead of posting crap multiple times a day and burning yourself out focus on quality posts.

Now to be clear with that recommendation does not include your stories. I do believe that you need to be in your stories daily, to connect with your followers, because stories are the main way that you build connection with your followers and I talk a lot more about that in this blog post.

So those are some of the myths that I wanted to bust for you guys today. I still believe that Instagram is the number one place to be building a new following right now and connecting with an audience especially if you’re in the network marketing niche.

Come find me on Instagram and I look forward to seeing how you stop buying into these myths.

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