The Truth About Attraction Marketing

What would it be like if you had 10 to 15 people reaching out to you everyday asking what your business is about?

This can be the power of attraction marketing.

I’m guessing you’ve heard of Attraction Marketing before and on this episode we’re going to talk about this one strategy that can either hurt your network marketing business or can explode your business to new heights.

In Network Marketing there’s a mix between active and passive marketing. And you might be wondering what’s the difference and what does this have to with Attraction Marketing?

Well for almost 10 years now the words “Attraction Marketing” have been thrown around a lot and as I mention on this episode of the Digital CEO I am a huge believer in attraction marketing and it is a huge part of the strategy that I’ve used to build my network marketing business from zero to to the top ranks!

But here’s the truth….if you don’t truly understand attraction marketing it can actually hurt your business!

What is Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing mainly relies on passive marketing strategies.

Passive meaning you don’t have do much. You can put up a few posts on social media and then people start reaching out to you.

It would be amazing if you could build your business 100% on attraction marketing, but the reality is you’re going to at some point in time have to get to ACTIVE work in your business.

I would say that there’s probably a very small percentage of network marketers building their business on attraction marketing ALONE. The only way you can build solely on attraction marketing is if you have a lot of influence and that takes time for the average person to gain, especially on social media.

What do I mean by influence? I mean Gary Vaynerchuck has influence; Tony Robbins has influence; Oprah Winfrey has influence. So if they just posted something on social media they’d get leads coming in droves.

For most of us….. it would take a while. So that’s why most successful network marketers are doing a combination of active and passive prospecting in their business.

Now I am NOT saying you can’t attract people on social media. You absolutely can and I’m putting together a brand new challenge that will help you do just this.

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So since it takes most people time to build influence on social media you’re going to absolutely NEED an active way of bringing new customers and team members and this is done through daily action.

The reality is that it takes most people time to build the influence they need on social media in order to rely only on attraction marketing. So while you’re building that influence, you will absolutely need to still be bringing in new customers and new team members. And you’re going to do this by taking daily action.

So posting on social media is one way that we take action, but it will likely not be enough to create the kind of activity and results that you really need to build a network marketing business to the top.

In my early days of network marketing, I had fantastic mentors, who had been in the network marketing profession for over 30 years they may not have been building on social media but they knew their stuff.

They knew the fundamentals of building a network marketing business and they taught me this one thing that still applies today whether you’re building online or offline, they taught me that when you bring in zero to three people a month to your business your business is in decline, three to five people a month you’re maintaining, and then five plus people a month you are exploding.

In order to bring in five new people a month into your business you’re going to need to be in MASSIVE action. Posting on social media once a day isn’t going to cut it unless you have a super HOT warm market.

Passive marketing equals posting on social media and creating content like this blog and podcast!

Active is building new relationships and sending messages. If you want to, grow your business outside of your warm market, you’ll absolutely need to be building new relationships on social media and you will also need to be actively having conversations with people.

Now the mistake that most people make with active prospecting is using the copy paste message method, jumping down someones throats right out the gate and asking them to become a business partner immediately! This is what gives active prospecting and sometimes the whole of network marketing a bad name.

Let’s just set the record straight. If you’re sending messages like that, please stop, right now. Deal?

How to authentically connect with people.

What you need to do is connect authentically with the people you’re sending messages to which effectively means thinking of the how you can be a resource for people. Instead of asking them for something (like joining your business or trying out a product) think –

“How can I be a resource for somebody today?”

Here’s a quick example of what I mean. Recently I had somebody do this to me, they saw something on my stories where I said I was struggling with some technology of some kind. They messaged me, with a simple message asking if I ever had a look at “this”. They mentioned they saw my story and thought this could really help me!

Hello! Now isn’t that cool. I’d talk to you all day because you came into my world helping me not forcing me to buy something from her.

Another way is being willing to compliment people.

Rather than just coming into somebody’s DM and pitching them, think how can you compliment them on something that they’re doing right? Maybe it’s a piece of content that they created that taught you something and you want to just send them a note saying thank you.

Maybe you’re just thanking them for showing up in the way that they’re showing up and telling them in some way that it’s helping you and that it’s changing your life. This is great.

A great way to build relationships with people is by being a resource to people, by sharing with them that you got value out of something that they shared or posted.

Building relationships is NOT coming into people’s DMS looking for something.

Another way you can connect is on something that you both have in common. I’ve seen this used several time. I’ve had people come into my DMs all the time that want to talk about tequila, and I’m like, Yes, girl, let’s talk about tequila! Let’s talk about the margaritas. I’m always down for that!

So what is something that you have in common with people that you can connect on?

Your goal is to get in to people’s DMs and connect with people authentically. Then build a relationship. The mistake that most people make is that they make that direct asked before they have any sort of relationship whatsoever with the person. If people are not looking for a business they will never respond well to your ask unless they have a relationship with you.

Wait until the timing is right and trust your gut on that.

Balancing Passive and Active Marketing activities.

How can you make sure that you’re balancing out both types of activities, both passive and active?

You’ve got to be posting consistently, you’re creating a name for yourself, creating a brand for yourself, so that people are watching and taking note of what you’re doing.

You also have to actively be connecting with new people, adding new people to your social media, connecting with new people and messaging new people. You’ve got to make sure that you’re doing both of these activities every single day, in order to grow your network marketing business.

You cannot sit back and twiddle your thumbs and just wait for attraction marketing to happen for you. You’ve got to make sure that you’re doing both. And if anyone tells you that you can with ZERO influence rely 100% on passive marketing like attraction marketing to build your business RUN from them.

If you do want to start using attraction marketing in your business, the no BS challenge is coming. It’s coming ASAP. Just text “Waitlist” to this number +1 (917) 708-7114.

See you in the next episode!

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