Using IG and Facebook Stories to Close The Sale

This week’s podcast we’re talking about what everyone wants more of! Sales!

But to get them you have to close them!

The truth is this is really important conversation right now when it comes to using social media to grow a network marketing business. Everyone talks about using social media but they’re not talking about how to build the relationships that lead to the sale with one of my favorite tools….. STORIES!!!!!

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2021 is the year of the “story” for anyone looking to build relationships on social media; especially in network marketing.

A few weeks ago I actually did a pretty in depth training for my team on how to use Facebook and Instagram stories to build relationships, close more sales. Naturally I thought maybe I should share this on my podcast.

Now don’t get me wrong even though I believe that stories are the number one way to grow your business right now on social media, it doesn’t mean that the other stuff isn’t important.

Why I love Stories?

The First reason is that when somebody engages with you in your stories, it’s sent directly to your inbox! You’re chatting with them one-on-one already.

When you post something on your feed for example, and somebody comments on it, you actually have to bring that conversation into messenger on Facebook or the DM on Instagram. All this does is add yet another step in the process and sadly an opportunity for this prospect to say, “No Thanks”

The second reason I love stories is they are behind the scenes “stories” of your life.

I love progress over perfection when it comes to social media. And stories allows me to be your true real authentic self. It’s a way for people to get to know the real you and not your edited, perfected, cleaned up you.

If you’re wondering what you be posting in stories you can definitely check out some of my highlights

It’s nothing fancy I’m just sharing what’s happening in my life…. in this case it was the journey of our pool renovation!

For you, you may want to share videos from your morning workout, or maybe you’re sharing something funny that happened after you dropped of the kids, or maybe you homeschool so you’re sharing snippets of your day struggling to teach while building you business.

The stories of your life are endless and when you share these throughout your day you are showcasing the behind the scenes of your life through your stories. What’s important about this is that it allows people to get to know you better, it allows them to get to know your life better and helps them know what you’re about.

Now a few times a week, you want to make sure that you’re super intentional in your stories with collecting leads and there’s a process around this. I dive into it on the podcast so head over there and check it out.

But in a nutshell, you want to be super intentional with what you post on a few stories a week.

It’s called a story loop and it’s basically an intentional way for you to collect leads and deepen that relationship with your potential client or prospect.

The Three Step Process to the Story Loop

So there are three steps to this process that involves five to seven (max) story panels. I’m going to summarize for you here but definitely check out this episode for all the examples and details.

Step one:

Lead with a desire or a pain point of your ideal customer or prospect. On panel number one, you could start with either shooting a video of yourself face to camera, sharing about this pain point. And you know how hard that was for you? Or maybe panel one isn’t you on video, maybe it’s a picture of you before you started the journey of moving away from that pain point. For example weight loss. You’re going to caption that panel with the pain point.

This is very important. 80% of people who watch stories, do it with their sound off so include your captions. If you’re in the weight loss niche you might want to caption that first story panel,

I could barely even look at myself in the mirror, because I gained so much weight.

And this caption could go with the picture of you looking at yourself in the mirror before you started this weight loss program. Or maybe it’s a video of you talking and explaining what that felt like.

Step Two:

This is where you’re going into the teaching, educating, sharing something of value. What have you learned on your journey that you can teach someone who is a few steps behind you?

Be the fifth grader to a second grader. That’s all we’re asking you to do. Okay, so you are going to go face to camera, put yourself on video, and talk about what you’ve learned. And then use captions again, to list out the tips that you’re sharing.

Step Three:

This where we close the loop. Use an engagement feature to close the loop.

What’s an engagement feature?

A poll ?

A Question?

A quiz,?

These are all features that you can find in Instagram stories. Now I’m not 100% sure if they are on Facebook but it doesn’t matter. You can create everything in Instagram and then share it to Facebook.

Pro Tip: you have to have a Creator Account to share you Instagram to Facebook.

Using the engagement feature is what closes the loop and maybe even collects some leads for you.

Once the loop is closed you either have someone in your inbox wanting to do business with you or they want to know more and they Direct Messaged you, not the other way around (which is spammy by the way.)

The people that engage with your poll are now your warm prospects. They’ve raised their hands, and said, ” Hey, I’m interested in what you’re throwing down. “

To summarize this is one of the many reasons I love using stories. You can create these amazing connections with people where they’re directly letting you know, hey, I’m interested in what it is that you’re offering and you don’t have to push a sale on them ever!

Let me know below if you’re going to commit to creating 3 to 4 story loops in the next month. I always love hearing from you over on Instagram, jump into my DMS. I love to hear from you and I will see you on the next episode.

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