What Network Marketers Need to Know About Leveraging Instagram

Network marketers all eventually have the same obstacle to overcome. Essentially finding more people to talk to about your products or your opportunity. 

However, truth be told, people normally fall into two camps when they come into network marketing. 

Some people come in with a supportive and enthusiastic warm market. You probably know who these people are. You’ve seen them just fly through the ranks when it seems like they just started. 

And you’re like, “Come on! That’s not fair. I’ve been at this for two years, and it’s just not happening for me!” 

These people naturally produce results just by talking to the people they know, posting on social media, getting the sales, advancing their ranks, and making MORE INCOME.

On the other hand, there are those who dive right into network marketing with absolutely no warm market. So it’s a no brainer that, no matter who they talk to, what they post on social media— all they get are crickets. They just can’t seem to make any sales no matter what they do.

Of these two categories, which one are you? And it’s ok if you’re in that category that seems to never have “success” in network marketing.

I want to make sure that you know that social media and particularly Instagram makes it possible for you to build a successful business.

But the big question is: How do you get started …

Growing a Successful Network Marketing Business Through Social Media

Now the way you’re going to do this is by building your influence online—building an influential brand on social media. 

The big difference between the seemingly unsuccessful vs successful network marketer is influence.

If you know all the people in the world but have no influence over them then you’re not going to have an impact.

To gain develop an influential brand, you’re going to do this around your niche.

Your niche, as we have previously explained, is your personal network marketing journey. You are going to build influence by creating content that’s relevant and consistent with your journey.

However, building influence is POSSIBLE, but it is not EASY. 

And most people quit because it takes consistency.

It takes showing up even when nobody is watching.

It requires perseverance when nobody seems to care about what it is you’re posting.

But the people who make a breakthrough are those who keep pushing.

They keep posting consistent and relevant content, and they keep getting better. 

Those who don’t give up build influence, and they’re able to build a brand new warm market of people that know, like, and trust them. These people want to buy from them.

Building Your Social Media Influence for Free on Instagram

Social media offers us tons of platforms and effective tools for building your influence. You can build your influence on TikTok, Facebook even Twitter … but you have to do it through advertising.

Most leaders I’ve seen who build influence are doing it …. not for free…

You can build influence by consistently going into groups and building connections with people. 

But there’s no easier way to build a brand new warm market for free than what exists on Instagram right now. People are able to find your posts in several ways. They can use Instagram’s explore feature or utilize hashtags.

People follow hashtags that give relevant content that they like to follow. So when you use those hashtags inside of your posts and your content, the right people will find your posts, and if the content is good, they’re going to follow you!

You’re reading this and are probably saying,

“But Bec! What about stories?”

Stories are a whole different ballgame. Stories are an awesome and great way to build relationships, to close more sales in your business, but they won’t get you discovered by new people. So that’s why we’re really focusing on what you post on your feed today so you can get discovered by new people based on the content that is posted on your feed and thus grow your influence!

3 Types of Content That Will Get You Noticed on Instagram

There are two types of content I want you to focus on for your feed. These are immensely effective for building a new audience or expanding an existing audience on the platform.


Everyone’s talking about reels right now. And let me just say, disclaimer, you don’t have to dance if you don’t want to. If you go check out my Instagram page, I don’t really dance because it is not my thing. 

But the beauty of reels right now is that Instagram is giving me insane reach. So if I post an IGTV, I get maybe 500 views on it.

But when I post a reel, I get up to 3000 views consistently with the potential to reach even more people. So it’s a freaking no-brainer to be diving into reels right now. 

I know that it can be scary to start something new. Sometimes you feel like you’ve got to do weird things to attract attention. Or maybe you don’t think you’re funny or have anything valuable to share. 


Just dig into Instagram reels! It is such an easy way to get fresh eyes on your content right now.

Shareable Content

When I say shareable and saveable content, I mean content that people actually want to consume, share with their friends, and save to come back to later. 

So how do you create content that people want to consume, share, and save? Here’s how:

Start a Conversation. To get people to engage with your post, the content you’re sharing should be a conversation starter. Maybe you share something that is a little bit controversial. Maybe you share something that is different from what most people think or say. You can also post about a hot topic right now. 

Create Value. Your Instagram post should create value. You want to ask yourself, “Am I giving people a reason to share this with their friends?” 

This is really IMPORTANT. Why would somebody share your post if it doesn’t resonate with them or if they don’t agree with what you’re saying? 

People may share your post if it’s something that they may be too scared to say themselves. It may be something that you said better than they ever could or something that they think but haven’t said before. 

For example, one of the most shared posts that I have on Instagram is: “Is network marketing is for you if you love to work on your own terms, not if you hate working.” 

Another example is, “Building a six-figure network marketing business won’t happen from awkward cold messaging.”

So can you see why somebody in network marketing might share these types of content with their friends? 

These are posts that resonate well with my audience of network marketers. Those who want people to view network marketing in a positive light are very likely to share these posts. People are hard-wired to connect with like-minded individuals.

Your posts should be based on your niche and your journey. Quotes are a good example. 

Saveable Content

The third type of content you should have on your Instagram feed should be informational in nature. These posts are those that seek to help people in their own life or business. Your audience will want to save these posts to their collections so they can access them as needed.

My most saved post is a carousel post. People love carousel posts. Instagram loves carousel posts because it keeps people on your post longer. They have to scroll through to read all of the different slides. 

An example of one my carousel post says, “Start getting noticed with these scroll stopping social media headlines.” And then, I give four examples of scroll stopping social media headlines in the carousel that they have to swipe through.

Something like this….

So can you see why somebody in my audience, a network marketer who’s building on social media, might save that for themselves and come back to it later? 

It’s educational. It’s helpful for them. It gave my audience a reason to save and or share. 

So if your posts are educational and helpful, people will likely follow you for more value. They will follow you because they see your posts as valuable, and they will likely share them with their friends, which means fresh eyes on your account. 

Getting Fresh Ideas for Your Instagram Content

I recently launched a membership program on Instagram content strategies. Every month, you will get fresh reel ideas that you can recreate for your own business. 

These content ideas are popular and trending right now, so they’ll get you more views. I will TEACH you exactly how to recreate them for your business, whether it’s for a product, opportunity, or service.

We’re also giving you fresh hashtags every single month. So if you’re unsure about what hashtags to use on your posts, you can go and grab them directly from this membership. And we have them for different niches, from personal development to network marketing training, and health and wellness. 

You also get a monthly live training with me and sometimes a guest. This past month we just had the amazing Stephanie Powell, an Instagram Growth Expert, to share her three-step process for exactly how she grows her clients’ accounts. Stephanie grows my account by the hundreds every month through this three-step process, and she explains it all inside of this membership.

You can access the membership program through this link

 If you have any questions, feel free to always just send me a DM over on Instagram, and we can chat more. 

And remember that if you have a warm market or if you have no warm market at all, you can build influence on social media if you choose to. But you’ve got to show up and share relevant and consistent content.

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I help network marketers build duplicatable systems on social media and scale to 10k+ per month. I became a top earner in my Network Marketing company by leveraging the power of social media. I have used online methods to enroll thousands of customers and partners into my business. It is my mission to show you how you can do the same!