Why Most Social Media Posting Plans Fail for Network Marketers

As a network marketer, you’ve probably heard of social media posting plans. You might have worked with a coach or an upline that has taught you to plan out your content 30 days in advance, so that’s what you’re currently doing. You might even have a strategy where your posts run on autopilot. 

 There are tons of services offering this sort of thing. You may have taken a course that encouraged you to plan out content 30 days in advance because that’s how you stay organized. Supposedly, that’s how you make sure that you stay on top of your posting because life’s going to get in the way. 

But when you were handed this tool did you ever ask the question….

Do 30-Day Social Media Posting Plans Work?

If you’re doing 30-day social media posting plans and you’re getting the engagement and making connections that you know you’re capable of, then it works for YOU. So keep doing what you’re doing. 

 But if you feel like you are not connecting with people even when following these posting strategies to the letter, then STOP WASTING YOUR TIME.

 And if you’re a lot like me, I have always felt off when somebody says, “Plan out your content 30 days in advance.” Something about planning posts 30 days in advance just never really felt right. My intuition was screaming, “Do not do it this way.” 

I want you to take a minute and think about this statement….

Words have energy.

And this is the reason why you might have been given done-for-you social media posts before, and you’ve seen them work for a big leader, and you go and copy and paste that post, and it just falls completely short for you. 

 Maybe you’ve been given a script by your upline, and you post it word for word because you’re told that it works, so there’s no point in deviating. 

And it falls flat. Nothing happens. No to minimal engagement. No new connections were made. 

 The reason why most done-for-you posting plans don’t work is because at the moment you made that post, it meant nothing to you.

It meant something to the person who originally posted it, it meant something to the person who wrote it, but it likely didn’t mean anything to you. You were posting it because that’s what you were told to do.

 Posts have energy. Words have energy. People can feel whether you post something that has conviction behind it, that has inspiration behind it, and that has feeling behind it. The reader can feel that. 

And if your posts have zero energy, meaning, inspiration or conviction guess what?

It’s going to fall flat and FAIL.

Just take your own feed for example, when you are scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, and you see a post that feels out of alignment, how do you feel? Chances are, it just doesn’t feel right. You probably scroll on by don’t even pay attention. You might even cringe a little bit and be like, “What’s going on here?” 

The same thing goes for you when you post content that isn’t yours or when you plan out content too far in advance, just to get it done. When you batch content weeks and weeks in advance when it goes out – whether it’s scheduled or you’re posting it – you might not feel it at that moment. 

 It might not still be relevant to what’s going on in the world or to you or to what’s happening in your world. Worse, you don’t even remember what posts are going out because you scheduled everything so far in advance.

Social Media Content That Really Connects with Your Audience

Here’s my simple yet honest recommendation for you when it comes to posting on social. Post from conviction and inspiration when you feel something.

So when you feel something, post it rather than sticking to a cookie-cutter plan of how many days a week you have to post, how often you have to post, what types of content you have to post. 

Your content plan should serve as a guide. It tells you what types of posts you should be doing based on things you’re passionate about. Your posts should bear your creative license. They should come from YOU. 

 Your posts are a sum total of your own inspirations and passions—literally your heart, soul, and brain. 

 This might feel overwhelming to you because we don’t wake up every day inspired. The reality is, not everyone wakes up every single day inspired. So what do you do?

Find That Inspiration

 When I’m inspired, my posts just literally fall out of me. I can’t keep them inside. Conversely, when I’m not inspired, I feel like an impostor. I feel like I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know what to say. I even have anxiety about what to post.

 So even somebody like me, who’s been creating content for four years now, can still get those feelings when I’m not feeling inspired. 

 So here’s my hack for you: To never run out of ideas for content, keep notes on your phone. 

I have a note-taking application on my smartphone, and there’s a section there that I labeled as ‘Content Ideas.’ And what I do is record ideas for awesome content the moment I get the inspiration. 

 Not in a few minutes. Not later. But RIGHT AWAY. 

 It doesn’t matter if I am in the shower or when I wake up in the middle of the night, or when I’m on my Peloton bike.

 I get inspiration from meaningful conversations, podcasts I’m listening to, or a book I’m reading. And I always record content ideas. 

Before, I would wake up in the middle of the night and go, “Oh, I’ll remember that tomorrow.”

Can you imagine how many great ideas I forgot because I never wrote them down?

 This is why, I now keep my phone in one of the cup holders on my bike. Some people might say I should be in the zone focusing on my workout. However, working out is one of the main ways to gain inspiration, so I keep my phone right there.

Hence, when I don’t feel inspired, I open up my notes and scroll through what’s listed there until something feels right. Because I want to post from a place of inspiration and conviction, but I don’t feel it that day. 

Sometimes, just sparking my interest with ideas that I’ve had in the past inspires me to create something of value to my readers. 

So when I know I need to get a post out there, when I know I need to get a reel out there, this is what I do. 

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