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June 10, 20245 min read


by Bec Sadek

I've been in network marketing for 14 years and over the past few years I've started to see a trend and I don't think its serving most people or the industry as a whole.

Now, this might be a controversial opinion, but the way to build a rock solid team is NOT recruiting other leaders from other companies.

Now, don't get me wrong. Sometimes people will leave a company to go somewhere else. In fact, I attribute a lot of my own success to changing companies 6 years ago.

After being stuck at a midlevel rank for years I knew it was time for me to move on. I have friends who are leaders in many different companies and they know where to find me if they want to explore partnering with me. If where they are at is no longer serving them or YOU, then you shouldn't stay stuck somewhere you don't want to be.

This is different than having an actual playbook for recruiting leaders and teams from other companies. (Yes, this is a thing) and its always given me the ick. 🤮

As an industry we won't grow or survive if this is the strategy we are teaching. We need to teach people how to become leaders and influencers.

There is SO much opportunity right now on social media and most of my team is made up of people who have never had success in this industry, are newer to the industry, or who were mid-level leaders at other companies.

Our focus is building home-grown leaders and influencers. We have built to over 3 million in monthly sales using this strategy and I know that it can work for anyone.

So here are 3 of my top tips for building home-grown influencers and leaders...

1. Have a Specific Message

You must have a clear and specific message to attract the people you are looking for. People follow people who know where they are going and what they are saying. They don't follow people who change their message every 90 days, are unclear, or hop companies every time things aren't perfect. Your first step should be to make sure your message is CRYSTAL clear. Your 2nd step should be to teach your team to do the same.

To become an attraction marketing machine and to attract your perfect prospects your message must be specific and clear.

Some questions to ask yourself are...

Who do I want to attract?

Does my story and current circumstances fit with the person I am trying to attract?

What can I talk about all day long and never get bored of?

This will help you to identify your unique message.

2. Don't be afraid to be controversial

This can be hard for people. Especially the people pleasers out there. But the truth is that vanilla content 🍦 doesn't attract your people.

Controversial doesn't mean you have to talk about politics or religion. You can if that's your brand! But, it doesn't mean thats what you have to talk about.

You can talk about postpartum health and give controversial advice. The goal on social media is to stand out. Don't be afraid to go against the grain. Sure, your'e going to piss some people off, but you're also going to call in your ideal people.

I'd rather repel the people who are NOT my people then be stuck spinning my wheels wondering where my actual people are hiding.

Think about what you advice you can share that goes against the status quo and makes people think.

3. Don't start and then stop

If I could only share ONE thing to focus on then this would be it. With a team of over 100,000 people and the experience of coaching thousands in this industry, this is the #1 place where I see people fail. they get in their head and they stop being consistent.

Accept right now that it's going to be hard, you will make mistakes, and that life will happen. But imagine what it would look like if you spent the next 2 years building a brand and building influence. You would have a million dollar skillset that you can bring with you anywhere and that you can teach your team.

Commit to doing the things everyday and teaching your team alongside you.

Put your oxygen mask on first

When I started over 6 years ago I committed to learning and implementing attracting marketing in my business. I knew that it started with me first. If I could learn how to attract people on social media then I could teach people how to do the same.

Once I started to get results I built an entire system around it for my team. I'm not worried about recruiting "leaders" Because I know i have the systems and trainings in place to BUILD new leaders.

Right now my team is running a 10 day niche bootcamp we are teaching the exact steps to getting more sales on social media. There is still time to join us for this exclusive training and you can learn more by applying to join my team here.

If you're currently in network marketing and not looking to join a new company or a new team then I'd love to offer you my free guide that will teach exactly how to build a brand new warm market on social media.

I'lll see ya inside


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Bec Sadek

Bec Sadek is a 7-figure Network Marketing Leader, Social Selling Coach, & Found of The YES MLMS PLEASE MOVEMENT

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Our mission? To skyrocket your belief and confidence in the social selling industry.

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