Congrats!! You're the ENCOURAGER which means you're a bada$$ movement maker! 

You're inspiring and naturally influential.

When you do or try something new people want to know what you're up to and how they can be involved. 

People want to be in your inner circle and they want to be part of the movement you're creating.

When you're excited and lit up about something you are magnetic. 

You're not afraid to speak up for what you believe in or go against the grain even if it's unpopular. 

When you share something you love, something you value or something you're pumped about people LISTEN up. 

You're likely not afraid to march to your own beat even if the rest of the world is going in a different direction. 

Unfortunately, inspiration doesn't always equal sales so you might find yourself posting on social media and not making any moola. 

Encouragers have to be very clear about what they're up to and how people can join them and be part of it. 

Go out and create your movement my friend!