Congrats!! You're the EXPERT personality type which means you're a smart cookie who knows your stuff!

You're likely known as the "GO TO" for advice on a specific topic. 

I'm guessing people often call you, text you, and find you on social media to answer their questions around a specific subject.

You might even have a professional title like doctor, nutritionist,  or health coach. Or you might have a life experience that taught you invaluable lessons and people want to learn from you. 

This means that when you talk on your expert topic. People listen.

It's very important that you stay in your lane while you build your online influence. Eventually you can talk about anything you want but when you're just starting to build your influence online you want to niche down around one single topic. 

You want to become known for ONE thing. 

When you go in 10 different directions you will struggle with sales and engagement on your posts.  

You have influence on this expert topic and that is a GREAT thing for building a brand online so lean into it and get to work. 

Your superpower is educational content and when done consistently and effectively you're going to have people running your way with credit card in hand. 

Your perfect prospects are going to be thrilled to get to work with you because they already see you as the person who can help them solve their problem. 

So dig in my friend! Put on your professor glasses and start educating your people. They're waiting for you to show up for them!