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Colleen Sullivan

I joined Bec's program and within the first couple of weeks had 863 new targeted leads from ONE simple post. I was blown away. All viable leads from one post.

Since that one post, I have added over 90 new prospects into my private group.

"In the first month I was able to almost DOUBLE the amount of leads in my private group. It took me 8 months to reach those numbers on my own."

Malorie Melson

Bec is not only the absolute best in this industry but she has a servants heart!

She has helped me to see when I couldn't or was unable to see for myself that I have everything it takes to succeed in this industry. Bec is a TRUE leader.

Josh Roitz

Tina Margaris

By week 3 I ranked advanced 5 times and converted 20 new customers from my Facebook group. I now actually feel like a TRUE digital CEO and a TRUE social media marketer.

Love you Bec!!

My results were immediate, and I added over 17 people to my group. Since then, I have more than doubled the number of people in my group, and have already started to receive orders

John Sproul

In under 8 hours I had 600+ people putting eyes on my social media and I had 7 people ASK to join my group!

Jennifer Skoglund

Shane Roitz

After going through the the Digital CEO program I know without question that I now have the skills that I need to be a great leader to others in the industry.

I’ve got my niche dialed in, know exactly who I’m serving, and have a duplicatable strategy. I no longer need to worry if someone joins me, “how am I going to help them.”

I have had at least one new sale everyday for the past 2 weeks. This is by far the longest streak I´ve ever had. I'm already halfway to my sales goal for the entire month.

Suzy Mihocik

The DIGITAL CEO Coaching Program is by Application Only.

After submission, you'll be given an opportunity to Book A Call To Speak With Bec or someone from her team, so we can help you strategize your Biz!